Massage Therapists Need Love Too!

Getting a good massage - from Serendipity Wellness Spa or anywhere else - has a way of zoning you out. It doesn't take long to "melt " into the table; not just physically, but also mentally. Any negative energy that may have been building up inside of you seems to fizz away, which leaves you in a state of ultimate relaxation. At the same time, you get an awesome feeling of being "in the moment" - focusing on nothing in particular rather than the awesomeness of the massage experience.

But as the Law of Conservation of Energy states, energy cannot be created or destroyed. So where does all this negative energy go? Often times, the answer is to your therapist. It's certainly not an intended consequence and nobody is at fault - it's just the reality of the situation. Your therapist is the one who's in direct contact with you, and therefore the primary place the energy transfers to. The same goes for positive energy too; and regardless of which one it is, this has a way of causing mental fatigue over time.

This fatigue also comes in physical form, which is a little easier for us to wrap our heads around. Sometimes we'll have up to 6 massage clients in one day, with sessions lasting as long as 120 minutes. Needless to say, this has a way of making hands and arms tired at the end of a long day. Sure, we're well-trained to implement certain techniques that help limit the physical fatigue - but it's only natural for some aches of our own to creep in.

As massage therapists, this comes with the territory and we fully accept it. We love providing relaxation and pain relief above all else and are passionate about executing the right "formula" to address a client's unique needs. But in order to do this properly, we need to be at the top of our game - which is why optimal wellness is crucial for us too. At Serendipity, we encourage all of our therapists to stay on top of 3 main areas of personal wellness in order to deliver the very best to our clients:

  • Daily stretching - Forearm stretches are key, both in between sessions and at the end of the day. Pulling back on the fingers and holding it for 15-30 seconds at different angles goes a long way. Sure, the arms & hands are the primary focus; but staying balanced with daily lower body stretches is also important.
  • Regular massage - We need our turn on the table, too! Not only for pain relief and relaxation but also to experience the various techniques & approaches of our colleagues, eventually incorporating some of it with our own clients. We recommend at least 2 massages per month for our therapists to "unwind".
  • Days off - Whether it's the beach, the bowling alley, or the bar, it's crucial that we get away from time to time to reset the mental clock. Our therapists must all take 2 days off per week - and that means not even 1 client. Putting these 2 days back to back to get a true "weekend" is recommended.

Of course, things like diet and exercise are crucial too - but these 3 factors are specific to massage therapists. We want to continue to do whatever it takes to deliver the very best to our clients; and sometimes, that requires coming to the "other side" of the table!

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