The Numbers Behind Massage

For as awesomely beneficial that most of us know massage is, our industry is still forced to deal with the untrue stigma of not being as "legitimate" a treatment as traditional pharma-based medicine. This has been especially true within the medical professional community - a large portion of which is (unfortunately) motivated by money and doesn't want to lose out to more holistic methodologies, despite them possibly being more effective. It's something that we often sidestep around here at Serendipity Wellness Spa, just like the hundreds of thousands of other massage professionals around the world.

But the industry's governing body, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), has our back. They recently released their annual Consumer Survey, which always goes a long way towards supporting the ever-increasing positive public perception about massage. One of the more impressive striking statistics was in fact related to medical professionals: that 61% of respondents said their physician has recommended they get a massage, up from 56% last year. This big jump is quite encouraging for massage's future, even though the just 19% of of consumers who were actually referred to a massage therapist by their doctor needs some work.

The study also contains some great statistics on overall consumer view; specifically, that 89% of consumers surveyed believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain. Also, 29% of massage clients surveyed book their appointments for relaxation and stress reduction purposes. We invite you to check out the full study and even more interesting findings here: [].

It won't happen overnight, but we (and many of our clients) have been sold on the magic of massage for some time now and will continue pushing to make it even more of a widely-accepted therapy. Care, and not money, should be the major focus - and we're hopeful that it will one day! Namaste!

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