Keep an Eye on These Wellness Trends in 2022

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Here’s what to expect from the world of personal wellness as the calendar turns.

The shift that’s taken place in the wellness world over the past 2-3 years has been something to witness. Although much of it has been due to the unfortunate circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say the wellness industry has changed for the better.

We’ve gone from “wellness” as a broad term to specific wellness subsets that are becoming deeper and more specialized by the day. Along with this comes a reduction in the negative stigma associated with many wellness practices, especially when compared to more “traditional” areas of focus like western medicine and dieting.

2022 is sure to continue this positive momentum not just in terms of general wellness but also the dozens of specialties. Here are 5 specific areas we’re expecting big things from as the calendar turns.

Mental Wellness

2021 was a landmark year for bringing mental health awareness. Thanks to the openness of public figures like gymnast Simone Biles, the struggles that so many experience are now coming to the forefront. The freedom to have conversations with peers will likely be the main thing driving the mental health trend in 2022. Other areas include improvements in brain supplements (i.e. nootropics), microdosing of entheogenic drugs, and “mental exercise” mobile apps.

Immune Health

Another silver lining introduced during the unfortunate events of the last couple years has been preventative wellness, specifically the area of immune health. Scientists and nutritionists are discovering more and more benefits hidden in the foods we eat – and we’ve only just scratched the surface of the immunological treasures that the plant world holds. Expect this to continue in 2022 as more R&D dollars are pumped into this arena, and more discoveries are brought to the forefront.

Facial Exercises

Everyone’s trying to look younger. While we’re huge fans of organic, cruelty-free formulations, there’s another method that’s been gaining traction over the past couple years. Facial exercise routines are hitting the scene to help tighten facial structure and provide a natural lift, with some solid data backing their effectiveness towards the appearance of aging. They can also help as a supplement to therapies like Botox. Certain devices, like the Jawzrsize and FACIAL-FLEX, are also increasing in popularity. Expect more of the public to adopt this in 2022.

Lymphatic Drainage

For years now, lymphatic drainage has been very successful as a recovery therapy for cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and BBL. More recently, however, it’s being accepted as a great fit into the wellness routine for just about anyone. Lymphatic drainage operates on the philosophy that technical hand movements can encourage the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, thus manipulating waste tissues and restoring healthy flow. As more success stories continue to come to the forefront, it’s sure to continue growing in popularity.

Outdoor Fitness

The pandemic has caused us to rethink our workout efforts and become more mobile – and with Omicron now sweeping the world (and mask mandates returning to many gyms), expect the outdoor group fitness trend to continue. Whether it’s an informal meetup with a few friends or a larger gym-led class, group exercise at parks is great because it allows participants to socially distance in a much safer environment while also enjoying nature. Mobile pop-up “gyms” are one type of business to look out for that’s on the rise – but who knows what the next great outdoor fitness idea will be!

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