Learn more about the wellness professionals that make Serendipity go.

It goes without saying that having a skilled, cohesive team is crucial to the success of any business. In the day spa business, the team’s impact is only amplified further.

Your therapists and estheticians are THE point of contact for clients – the direct providers of relaxation, relief, and beautification. A good spa will provide a relaxing setting, good client service, and all the best tools of the trade; but when all is said and done, it’s the wellness professionals themselves clients are coming back to see.

Being therapist-owned & operated has provided us with a unique perspective on this here at Serendipity, and we know firsthand how fortunate we are to have the team we do. With this in mind it’s time to get to know the aforementioned awesome team a little better.

We’re excited to bring you this series of interviews with our talented wellness professionals. Now, it’s time to chat with Amy Dalzell – an LMT whose specialized skill set is a huge asset to our team.

Amy is a therapeutic massage specialist who is proficient in many modalities, including sports massage, cupping, neuromuscular therapy, and trigger point therapy. She captures her work/life balance through a love of travel – having been to 43 states and 4 continents, including all over the Caribbean and more than half of Europe.

Let’s dig deeper into the mind of Amy!

Part III of our blog series took place with Amy Dalzell, a Licensed Massage Therapist and valued member of the Serendipity team.

Amy, pictured center at a Serendipity on-location massage event

How long have you been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist for?

2020 made it 18 years as an LMT.

What was the main driving force behind you wanting to get into the field?

Well massage was part of my household when growing up. It came naturally to me.

Think back to when you first started as an LMT.  If you could go back and give your former self some professional advice, what would it be?

When I first started massage I wanted to work on everybody no matter how many hours! But over the years I slowed down. I’ve found that I pride myself on giving 100%. Take care of my body as well as my energy.

Few can balance keeping things light and providing excellent client care quite like Amy.

People who have never received a massage are often apprehensive to do so for a variety of reasons.  What advice would you have for them?

For someone who hasn’t ever received a massage I’d say why not? Haha the muscles move your body & can stop it from working properly, they support your skeletal structure, keeping your head up & shoulders back. Circulation helps lymph movement which helps your internal organs. And it feels great! I don’t have to hurt to help. 

How frequently, in your opinion, should someone get a massage?

I recommend every month for inactive lifestyles and every 2 weeks for more active lifestyles.

Do you like to chat with your clients during their massage, or do you prefer to keep things quiet and serene?

Everyone is different. If they want to talk I’ll talk, but I follow their lead on that.

The obvious physical benefits aside, what are some other lesser-known benefits of massage therapy that you’ve seen with your clients?

The body needs to relax. Take some me time, pamper yourself, regain your peace. I love when someone comes out of a massage a different person. Sometimes they don’t realize how much they needed that. Your body will thank you.

What are some massage modalities or styles that you excel at the most and/or like to use with clients the most?

Every 2 years we have to update our licenses. So I’ve taken multiple classes geared more toward medical & sports injury. I’ve worked with chiropractors that taught me spinal or posture realignment. Sports massage came in handy working with the NFL and our very own Tampa Bay Rays. My toolbelt has filled up over the years, if one technique doesn’t work I’ve got more to try. Everyone reacts differently, I like having options.

Cupping therapy is one of Amy’s top specialties.

For what situations/what type of aliments is cupping best used for?

Cupping is recommended when the tissue is so congested that it’s sensitive to pressure or for athletes. Cupping gets to deeper muscles, pulls out lactic acid like a champ, really softens the tissue.

The Tampa Bay wellness scene has come a long way in terms of education and services offered. Are there any specific areas you would like to see even more growth in?

I love learning new techniques, lymphatic drainage is what I’m learning now.  I want to be the best massage therapist I can be. 18 years & still love every minute of it!

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