Sometimes, the Florida sun is no fun.

Don’t get me wrong, summer itself is a blast. Who doesn’t love lounging on the beach all Saturday with the work week’s worries off in the distant past?

But with these hours on sun-soaking often comes unwanted visitors – sunburns and irritated skin. Getting your skin scorched every so often is just a way of life for us Floridians, and of course the millions of tourists the Tampa Bay area gets every summer.

Unfortunately, beach-goers aren’t the only ones that have to deal with reddened skin. In face, rosacea affects roughly 14 million people in the US alone.

At Serendipity, we’ve got the ideal solution no matter what the culprit is. Our Redness Relief Focus Facial features the gentlest exfoliation available, Cold Hammer Treatment, which helps shrink capillary blood vessels on the face that may be due to rosacea, sun exposure, aging, or genetics. It also helps soothe inflamed, itchy and sensitive skin by constricting the tissue and reducing blood flow.

With Redness Relief, clients will also get a 10-minute amber LED phototherapy session. The amber color is used for inflammation reduction, swelling, broken capillaries, and the like. It’s another ideal therapy for dealing with all types of redness.

Redness Relief also includes traditional facial methods featuring products from our therapeutic line Tu’el. Recommended add-ons include a Plant Stem Cell Treatment, Eye & Lip Treatment, and added time on the Cold Hammer for more serious cases.

This 60-minute+ service is just $95 here at Serendipity Wellness Spa! Call us for more information or to book; you can also circle back to our main website to book as well.

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