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Serendipity Wellness Spa has a mission to provide exceptional and personalized service in an upscale day spa setting with affordable pricing. Whether you’re in need of a therapeutic deep tissue massage, revitalizing facial, waxing service, or just a relaxing escape, our Licensed Massage Therapists and Skin Care Technicians will utilize their knowledge & years of experience to cater to your body’s specific wellness needs. Your relaxing escape awaits in the heart of Pinellas Park.


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Facials, deep tissue massage, Pinellas Park waxing services, lymphatic drainage, and more. We offer a variety of both traditional and unique spa services.  Contact us at your convenience to learn more.

Head massage

Relaxation Massage

Melt away with this calming massage designed to ease tension, reduce stress, and induce your body & mind into their natural states of relaxation. Pressure can vary from light to medium depending on your needs and discomfort levels. Benefits include improved circulation, stress reduction, improved sleep, better digestion, and overall well-being. A Serendipity Wellness Spa favorite!

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Therapeutic massage modalities

Therapeutic Massage

A variety of massage & bodywork modalities are utilized to address more specific bodily pain and dysfunction – including Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Isolated Stretching, and many more. Your therapist will provide a free consultation first and then customize treatments into a therapeutic massage service that fits just what your body is calling for.

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I love flowers

Aromatherapy Massage

Of all our senses, smell is most closely linked to our brains and our memory. Our Aromatherapy Massage takes advantage of this using Young Living essential oils to instantly enhance your mood, or simply awaken you into more clarity of the present moment. Try Aromatherapy Massage right from your favorite local St. Pete & Pinellas Park spa destination. Also available as an add-on.

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Facial massage

Lymphatic Drainage

Utilizing the Body Talk™ method, we will “flush” your lymphatic system to improve lymph flow, which can help overall immune health and vitality. Lymphatic drainage is also highly recommended after cosmetic surgery (BBL, liposuction, etc.) to reduce pain & inflammation and aid recovery.  The best lymphatic drainage Pinellas Park has to offer!  Discount packages available, please inquire.

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Scalp massage

Pre/Postnatal Massage

A woman’s body goes through many changes during and after pregnancy. After the first trimester, prenatal massage is a very beneficial tool in helping adjust to these changes both emotionally & physically and prepare for childbirth. Postnatal massage is also available at Serendipity Wellness Spa, located right in the heart of Pinellas Park and just minutes from St. Pete.

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Massage hot towel


Used for centuries, Reiki holistically tunes into your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  The Reiki practitioner utilizes energy transfer techniques by placing hands gently on the body or positioning them slightly above.  If you’re feeling off-center or are looking for an alternative experience to your regular massage, a Reiki session at our spa might be just what your mind and body need to energize.

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Spa worker

Cupping Massage

A deep tissue massage that includes cupping along with other modalities to address acute needs. Cupping utilizes suction and negative pressure to loosen muscles, break up lactic acid, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. It’s a great option for not only more targeted pain relief needs, but also back & neck pains, migraines, and even high blood pressure.

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Chemical peel

Red Carpet Treatment

Enjoy many of our most popular skin care technology together for one truly powerful facial. Includes everything from our Relaxation Facial plus microdermabrasion to slough away the old, and LED light therapy to invigorate the new. You may also upgrade to the Deluxe Red Carpet, which includes an anti-aging microcurrent treatment. The ultimate skin care service in an upscale day spa setting!

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Advanced Facials

Choose from a Microdermabrasion Facial, Chemical Peel Facial, or Ultrasonic Sculpting Facial, which include all elements from our core “Relaxation Facial” plus additional advanced treatments & techniques.  All three are great for more targeted skin care goals that a traditional facial may not be able to achieve.  Please contact us if you’d like a consultation on which service is right for you.

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Facial mask

Relaxation Facial

This luxurious facial service is ideal for those who just want to relax & beautify. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer, and optional extractions to leave your skin glowing & refreshed. Warm towels are also included – and we use only all-natural, cruelty-free skin care products.  If you’re looking for a Pinellas Park facial service, visit us on the corner of Park Blvd. and 49th Street!

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Flawless skin


We offer a variety of different waxing treatments ranging from 15 to 60 minutes at affordable prices. Areas of waxing focus include arm, leg, back, underarm, eyebrow, Brazilian, and more. It’s a great compliment to a facial, or as a quick stop-in service. Stop in for a convenient Pinellas Park waxing option that’s just a short drive from St. Pete, Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, and the Gulf Beaches.

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Lounge at Serendipity Wellness Spa Pinellas Park FL


We offer a variety of complimentary services here at Serendipity that go great as accompaniments to your primary massage or facial treatment – including Aromatherapy, Foot Scrub, Microdermabrasion, Ear Candling, and more. Your wellness professional can help determine the ideal ones for you. Try them all from our conveniently located St. Pete massage destination.

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Serendipity Wellness Spa

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Looking for the ideal day spa setting in the ideal Tampa Bay location? You’ve found it! Conveniently situated on the southwest corner of 49th Street and Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park (right next to Fray’s Donuts), Serendipity Wellness Spa is just 10 minutes from Seminole & Largo, 15 minutes from Clearwater & downtown St. Petersburg, and 20 minutes from St. Pete Beach & Treasure Island. Need a refreshing skin care service or local Pinellas Park lymphatic drainage? How about a deep tissue massage for some needed relief? No matter the need, we provide the ideal day spa environment sure to please both the body and mind. Turn to us for your St. Pete and Pinellas Park waxing, massage, skin care, and wellness needs.


Meet Our Therapists

Over 80 combined years of massage & skin care experience. Click on therapist names to learn more.

  • Amy Dalzell, Serendipity Wellness Spa


    Massage Therapist

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  • Jessie from Serendipity Wellness Spa


    Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner

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    Esthetician/Massage Therapist

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  • Justin from Serendipity Wellness Spa


    Massage Therapist

  • Brenda


    Massage Therapist (call to book)

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Brenda did an amazing job. I have been to so many therapists over the years and have had many types of massages but Brenda was the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had lingering COVID issues and I felt so fantastic after our session and would highly recommend this spa to everyone.

Amanda W.


“Highly recommend you to go here… I knew the therapist knew what she was doing from the very moment it started…been to quite a few places but this one is the best in my opinion ..thank you Noel service was excellent and I will be coming back soon ”

Brett B.

St. Petersburg, Fl

Serendipity Wellness Spa is a wonderful, healing space with the most gifted massage therapists in the area.

Kelli F.


Michael has a gift!!! Back in April, I booked a prenatal massage and reflexology appointment with him. I was 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby and was looking into natural ways to induce labor, and I’d hoped the reflexology would help with that. I was also very uncomfortable and struggled with intense low back […]

Natalie H.


“I booked a relaxation facial with Nichole for the first time and she was amazing, will definitely be back!”

Sarah W.


Me and my friend went to serendipity for the first time and it was a fantastic experience! We had Jesse and Justin who were truly experienced professionals. They even gave us advice on how to treat our concerns. Definitely a 10/10 experience! 🙂 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Zoe S.

Natural products Serendipity Wellness Spa