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As the weather cools down, enjoy a soothing collection of bodywork and skin care specials.

When lower temperatures arrive, your blood vessels tend to constrict, potentially causing poor blood circulation and higher blood pressure. In addition to feeling colder, this may also lead to increased discomfort and “seasonal” aches and pains, or more serious conditions depending on your pre-existing health conditions.

Regular massage therapy during the colder months helps circulate fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your body, which delivers valuable nutrients to your muscles that they need to stay strong. It also helps to improve lymph circulation.

The same goes for your skin – colder temperatures can have a unique impact by making it more difficult to retain moisture. Regular facial treatments can go a long way towards helping fight the itchy, cracked skin that this can lead to.

Here are four different deals to help keep your body and skin rejuvenated.

Our Winter Specials are good through the end of January! Deals cannot be combined with any other specials, but the use of gift cards is okay.

Free Chocolate & Peppermint Foot Scrub


Warm and excite your senses with our amazing chocolate and peppermint foot scrub added into your 60-minute relaxation massage at no additional charge for the normal price of $80. Scrub will be incorporated into the regular massage time (no additional time).

ABC/LED Facial

Our Antioxidant, Brightening Vitamin C facial with LED Light Therapy added in for free during our 2023 Winter Specials. Enjoy this great 60-minute skin care service for just $80!

Ultra Age Defying Facial

Woman getting skin care facial

Exclusive anti-aging products, phototherapy, and ultrasonic wave therapy to minimize the signs of aging – for the special price of $140. Enjoy this 90-minute service for a special price this winter!

Wind Down Wednesday

Treat yourself to a 60 minute relaxing, full body massage with additional 15 minute foot massage and 15 minute scalp massage to ease away tensions and relax the mind, body, and soul. A 90-minute service featured every Wednesday for just $100!

Click here to book today. We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holiday season!

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