The gap between massage therapy and modern medicine continues to close.

It’s a constant battle that we fight in the massage therapy industry: bringing the practice to a level of “perceived legitimacy” that other health & wellness practices already have.

And while it may be happening slower than many of us would like, there are strides being made. Take last year’s breakthrough on the quest for Medicare Advantage plans to cover massage starting in 2020.

Results from a recent pilot study have shed light on yet another finding in favor of this mission.

Oncology massage can benefit CIPN.

A recent study has shown that symptoms of CIPN, a nervous system condition that can result from chemotherapy treatment, could be reduced through 2-3 sessions per week of relaxation massage.

This news is promising for those who are dealing with cancer treatment and are seeking alternative therapies to the affects of chemotherapy.

Click here to read the full article from Clinical Oncology News online.

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