Mobile chair massage is an ideal addition to workplace and event settings.

The daily office grind can be enough to wear anyone down. Showing up to the same workplace, same desk, after the same commute 5 days a week for 8+ hours, only to face a pile of monotonous tasks that never seems to shorten. In fact, according to The American Institute of Stress, 83% of Americans suffer from work-related stress.

Not only is this tough to deal with mentally, but the physical implications of “9-to-5” office life can put a serious strain on your health and wellness. What should be your most active and physically engaged part of the day is often spent sitting uncomfortably, slumped over a computer or engaging in tasks that don’t take proper body positioning into account.

The residual impact of these mental and physical strains is certainly felt by employers themselves, too. According to a study by MIT and Harvard, happy employees get sick less often and are 31% more productive and 55% more creative.

Here’s a stress-free solution to workplace wellness.

In a perfect world, you and your office mates could all hop into a bus and take a field trip down to your local spa for a day of wellness and relaxation – bringing some much-needed health and happiness to the daily grind and resulting in a more productive workforce. For a variety of obvious reasons, however, this isn’t very feasible.

So, how about we come to you?!? At Serendipity Wellness Spa, we’ve been providing mobile chair massage for over 5 years, helping dozens of businesses reach their corporate wellness goals. We like to call it Serendipity Corporate Massage Services – and we’re here to take on everything to create a stress-free in-office environment that will relax, rejuvenate, and boost company culture.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists will travel around the Tampa Bay Area to serve your business or event. All we’ll need from you is a dedicated space to set up our chairs and stations, and we’ll handle the rest from there. Massages generally last 15 minutes per person, although we can adjust length upon request. Out therapists will gladly focus on problem areas or adjust pressure during your session, or, you can just sit back and enjoy our foundational relaxing chair massage.

Benefits for the individual and the workforce as a whole include:

  • Boosts team morale and company culture
  • Improves workplace productivity
  • Regular massage helps decrease sick days, lowering expenses
  • Gets you out of the “stuck” routines of the 9-to-5
  • Similar price to an office lunch
  • Suitable for any office size or type
  • Fully Licensed Massage Therapists

Here’s how it works – minimal effort provided on your end!

Getting started with Serendipity Corporate Massage Services is easy. Once we decide on a date and time for your service, our management team will work with you to coordinate a schedule. Massage lengths are generally 15 minutes per person, but we can adjust. Another option is to have our chair massages be “first come-first serve” – allowing your officemates to come get their massages as they please.

All we really need from you is a space to set up! Our Licensed Massage Therapists will provide everything – chairs, massage cream, gentle music, and more. It’s our goal to be as unobtrusive as possible to your workday.

Serendipity Corporate Massage Services is also a great option for events. Things like concerts, birthday parties, outdoor markets, and the like are perfect settings for our mobile chair massage – giving event attendees the opportunity for a nice wellness break.

If you’re interested in Serendipity Corporate Massage Services, please contact us today! We can be reached by email at or by phone at 727.914.7230.

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