Learn more about the wellness professionals that make Serendipity go.

It goes without saying that having a skilled, cohesive team is crucial to the success of any business. In the day spa business, the team’s impact is only amplified further.

Your therapists and estheticians are THE point of contact for clients – the direct providers of relaxation, relief, and beautification. A good spa will provide a relaxing setting, good client service, and all the best tools of the trade; but when all is said and done, it’s the wellness professionals themselves clients are coming back to see.

Being therapist-owned & operated has provided us with a unique perspective on this here at Serendipity, and we know firsthand how fortunate we are to have the team we do. With this in mind it’s time to get to know the aforementioned awesome team a little better.

We’re excited to bring you this series of interviews with our talented wellness professionals. Up next is Wanda Farner, an esthetician who has been with us from the beginning.

Wanda has been with us ever since we first opened our doors in April 2016. Her facials are known for being very relaxing – and are great for those seeking a healthy skincare routine without the use of more invasive techniques.

Time to learn more about her!

Our blog series continues with this one-on-one with Wanda Farner, a Licensed Esthetician here at Serendipity.

Wanda is one of our original team members here at Serendipity.

How long have you been a practicing esthetician for?

I’ve been practicing for 13 years.

What was the main driving force behind you wanting to get into the field?

I used to work in retail, graphic arts and microfilming in my past. But after being a stay home mom for many years I got very interested in skin care. I thought it would be a nice change to work in a peaceful spa setting.

You’re a graduate of Loraine’s Academy in St. Pete. Outside of the physical mechanics behind skin care, what would you say was the main thing you took away from your time there?

After graduating from Loraine’s many years ago I not only learned about the mechanics behind skincare, I also learned how it is important that you feel comfortable working on and with clients.  It is just as important that they feel comfortable with you.

What would you consider to be your specialties when it comes to skin care?

I feel that my specialty is making the client feel comfortable, relaxed with the benefit of enhancing their skin.

LED light therapy is a skin care technique that not many people know about, but can be very beneficial. What makes it so great?

LED light can help with cell and collagen renewal, it can also reduce fine lines lines for smoother skin. It also helps reduce inflammation while improving circulation.

What are some things to look out for when purchasing skin care products? Will the same products work well for everyone?

I prefer to use gentle and more on the natural side of products with no harsh parabens or preservatives.

Wanda advocates using natural skin care products, like this Tuel line available for purchase at Serendipity.

If someone is looking to establish a healthier skin care routine, about how often would you recommend they get a professional facial treatment?

To keep up with effective skin care maintenance, I suggest that clients come in once a month to treat their skincare needs depending on their skin and lifestyle.

What advice do you have for someone who might be a little tentative about getting their first facial, especially in a pandemic?

Our spa has taken many wonderful precautions during this pandemic.  I wear a mask to keep the clients safe, and have always followed sanitation guidelines that should make our clients feel comfortable with enjoying time at our spa.

What are some things people can do at home in-between facial services to maintain this healthy skin care routine?

For a good at-home skin care regimen, it is good to cleanse with a nice safe cleanser, and to use a toner and facial serum or moisturizer. It is also nice to use a gentle exfoliant once a week to slough off dead skin cells for a healthy glow.

The Tampa Bay wellness scene has come a long way in terms of education and services offered. Are there any specific areas you would like to see even more growth in?

I just feel it is important to take care of all aspects – mind, body, and soul – when it comes to wellness. It can definitely help with stress management and your overall health. So I’m all for anything that can achieve all 3 of these at once!

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